What Maroong
can do for your brand

Training programs

We accompany impact companies from ideation to growth, through the challenges of financing and funding. We invest in empowering people in the direction of entrepreneurship, both at the project and personal level. Maroong is also an Impact Business Angel and will seek the best financing solutions for the companies and projects it accompanies.
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Consultancy and funding

We embrace new problems towards a more sustainable future, we deconstruct, analyze, plan and implement the solutions by measuring the results. Maroong accompanies projects in several phases and can take them from diagnosis to implementation, applying KPIs and monitoring the goals set at each step of the process.

Event Management

Do you want to make a sustainable and innovative event that is pioneering and has coverage? We produce Zero Waste events, artivism presence, plastic free and with alternative solutions. Innovative online or in-person events on impact, with keynote speakers usual in this theme and cases of impact. Capitalizing on 16 years of experience we have more than 3,000 teams assembled in events in Portugal, we pay attention to the social side of the work in the show business.

Active Mobility solutions

We plan and implement the best active mobility incentive solution for the locality. Maroong transparently brings to the market the knowledge about the ecosystem, with experience in implementing different multi-factor business models offering the guarantee of being a single specialized entity to coordinate these processes. It aims to encourage the use of bicycles and soft modes, focusing on the task of integrating various stakeholders.
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